Adopt-A-Paca FAQs

This is truly a fantastic gift for anyone, regardless of age, and a gift that keeps on giving for an entire year! The smile that your alpaca gifts to you through your adoption of them is a priceless commodity that will never be forgotten and always cherished. Before you make your decision, we ask that you please read the following FAQs:

So does adoption mean we own the alpaca? 

We’re sorry, but no. Those that choose to adopt do not have any ownership rights to their alpaca. The adoption fee is strictly used for the selected alpaca's care, ensuring they have the best of everything available to them, and provides the adopter with exclusive benefits.

Is it possible to take the alpaca off ranch property to show friends and family? 

Again, we’re sorry, but no. However, you will be allowed to meet with your alpaca, take photos and even hand-feed them (if they are in a social mood!).

How often can I visit my alpaca?

We ask that visits be limited to no more than once a month. All visits need to be arranged at least 72 hours prior to the visitation day and MUST be supervised by an adult member of the WillowBrook Alpacas Farm. Visits can range anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Any longer and the alpacas can become stressed.

What if something happens to my alpaca during that year?

We certainly don't wish to think about such things, but if something should happen to your alpaca, we will happily allow you to choose another to adopt.

Am I the only one adopting my alpaca?

Possibly. However, we only allow two adoptions per alpaca per year, so there may be one other person that has also adopted the same alpaca.

Picking your alpaca: Just click over to our online store to get to know our herd of alpacas and see which one you would like to adopt. There may be alpacas whose bios say 'Not For Adoption', so please keep an eye out for that.

Finalizing your adoption: Once you have picked your alpaca and have gone through the checkout process, we will then email you the registration forms. Print them out, sign them and return the hard copies to us. We will then send you all the goodies that come with your adoption of an alpaca! You can arrange for your first visit to come and meet in person.

*Please note: there are no refunds once payment is made. *

We look forward to hearing from you! We know that you or your loved one will find great joy in these rare and adorable creatures. It's our hope to help you make extraordinary memories, while we share our love and passion for alpacas with you! 

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