Ever wonder what it’s like to have an alpaca in your life? 

NOW is your chance!!

WillowBrook Alpacas is introducing the “Adopt-A-Paca” (AAP) program. It’s a great way to experience the love and joy that alpacas can bring to our lives – without actually taking one home with you! J

When you adopt one of our alpacas, your adoption fee goes towards keeping that alpaca well-fed and cared for, including supplements, shearing fees, and alpaca pasture maintenance, while offering you some added perks.

For an annual fee of $100, you get to pick which alpaca you wish to adopt from our adorable herd. You will also get these fantastic gifts and exclusive benefits during your yearlong adoption plan:

  • A personalized adoption certificate with the picture of your chosen alpaca, suitable for framing. 
  • A framed 4x6 picture of your adopted alpaca. You can choose between color or black & white, plus headshot or full body.
  • The ability to visit your alpaca (Please see FAQ’s for guidelines.)
  • A sample of your alpaca’s fiber.
  • A 10% discount at the online store on all purchases made during the 
yearlong adoption. 

  • A card sent to you on your birthday from your adopted alpaca. 

To make adoption arrangements, please click onto our online store:, then click “Adopt-A- Paca.”

The boys say, “Thank you!!” J


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