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Tawney Roddy, Owner of WillowBrook Alpacas

     At WillowBrook Alpacas, we carry unique handmade, handspun products at affordable prices.

One part of our mission here at WillowBrook Alpacas is to provide alpaca fleece at various stages of processing for those who enjoy spinning their own yarn, such as:

  • Alpaca fleece – both raw and washed
  • Drum-carded alpaca batts
  • Drum-carded alpaca roving

Another part of WillowBrook Alpacas' mission is to offer 100% alpaca and alpaca-blended products that are processed and crafted right here in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Hand processed, handspun 100% alpaca and alpaca-blend yarn
  • Alpaca felted laundry balls
  • Alpaca felted soaps
  • Alpaca fleece jewelry

Take a look at our “Alpaca Products” page to view some of the items we currently have available for purchase through our online store www.squareup.com/market/willowbrookalpacas


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